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Latest Statistics on Home & Business Burglary Crimes in New Zealand
By Leon Tang

An April 2008 report from the New Zealand Parliament House of Representatives shows that while crime in general is down somewhat in New Zealand, the number of burglaries resolved during 2007 was fewer than those resolved in 2000. Additionally, the journal article noted that the International Crime Victim Survey suggested New Zealand had the "second-highest rate of burglaries" when compared to 30 other countries.Hard crimes including sexual offences and drug crimes are being resolved at a steady rate however. This is good news to the people of New Zealand. In fact 10, 000 more hard offences were solved in 2007 than in 2006.What does this mean or suggest for New Zealand home and business owners? Hard offences are being handled well, but what about what some might refer to as "petty" offences like burglary?Security Systems for Home and Business OwnersAccording to recent documents reviewed by Parliament studies suggest the rate of burglaries in New Zealand continues to rise with few advances in convictions or resolution. This suggests that home owners in New Zealand would be better off installing home security systems, especially those monitored by professional patrol services.In these instances home owners would be much more likely to capture or deter perpetrators than if they had no security systems. If home owners elect not to install a monitored security system they can opt for an alternative which might be a noise-making security system, one designed to create noise and a distraction to scare off an intruder should they try to break into a home or other property. These same security systems could be used in a business setting, usually a smaller business.Larger businesses should employ a patrol monitored system to ensure they have the highest protection against burglaries. In another report by the New Zealand Parliament a recent case of email theft was being reviewed. Modern technology has enabled new types of burglaries in New Zealand including technology thefts, or the thievery of documents and other data by computer.Now, not only are homes and personal property at risk but also data, in the form of information stored on or transmitted by computer. This is just as likely to become the victim of burglary as ordinary merchandise, and likely to prove just as valuable depending on the content.If a homeowner has one or more computers at home with valuable information on them he or she would be wise to password protect this information and keep these files locked up or security protected. Even the office should be protected under lock and key and the windows safeguarded with exterior security devices.There is no such thing as too much home security or business security in a nation where burglary comprises the second highest crime among 30 other countries. You simply cannot be too safe in this environment. For additional information home owners and business owners should contact a security installment company or patrol force for a personal estimate and review of their current personal security based systems.When it comes to protecting your families well being and assets from brazen thieves, it pays to get the right advice for first time. With 12 years experience in home and business security systems E Security are the security experts you can trust.Grab your copy of their FREE home security report - "The 3 Best Ways To Protect Your Home From Being Burgled And Ripped Off By The Criminals Walking Our Streets Right Now!"Get your copy today at esecurity esecurity Leon_Tang Leon_Tang

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