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Benefit From a Year Or Semester Abroad in New Zealand, Australia Or Fiji!
By Susan Slobac

Students desiring an enriched educational experience and expanded perspective on the world are well served spending a year or semester abroad at a university in New Zealand, Australia or Fiji. In addition to the personal benefits of such an incredible opportunity, spending a semester or the full school year abroad is an impressive addition to a graduate school application or resume. The global perspective gained by the experience affords students a leg up in future endeavors.Enrolling in a Year or Semester Abroad ProgramEnrolling for a single semester or entire school year abroad is much like enrolling at a university in the United States and Canada. After deciding upon a program that best fits their educational goals, students begin the application and enrollment process. Once accepted at a university in New Zealand, Australia or Fiji, class selection may begin. Credits earned at most universities in Fiji, New Zealand and Australia are easily transferred to a student's home university. Consulting with a college advisor to confirm the transferability of credits earned during a year or semester abroad is advised.Advantages of a Year or Semester Abroad in New Zealand, Australia or FijiStudents find there are numerous advantages to selecting the South Pacific to study abroad. Among the most notable are :• English is a primary language. - There are no language barriers involved when attending school in the South Pacific. Many students feel one of the most significant advantages of studying abroad in Australia, New Zealand or Fiji is that English is spoken in and out of their class rooms. It is not necessary to undertake intensive foreign language study prior to embarking on a semester or school year abroad.• Cultural immersion is a perspective broadening experience. - One of the most striking aspects of studying abroad for a year or even just a semester is really getting a sense of the people and cultures in the host nation. Living on campus or exploring the surrounding region provides many opportunities to meet those living in-country or visiting from other nations. Students share food, dance and cultural events that make these South Pacific countries unique. After getting to know people of Australia, New Zealand or Fiji and exploring the region, students acquire the unique understanding and perspective of global citizens. Many students find the experience provides them with an new awareness and appreciation of our global society.• Explore the region while broadening your education. - Whether students spend one semester or the entire school year australearn abroad in Australia or the neighboring countries, there are ample opportunities to explore the region. Students find the educational benefits studying abroad are not limited to the classroom.Benefit from a Year or Semester Abroad in New Zealand, Australia or Fiji! Susan_Slobac Susan_Slobac

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